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Pop Warner National Forms
2019 ID Card Template
Download All Forms (Zip File)



2019 Pop Warner Calendar Dates
IRS Ethical Behavior & Personal Inurement
Filing the E-Postcard/Form 990N
Basic Internal Accounting Controls
2019 Coaches Risk Management Manual
 Pop Warner Safety Precautions

Proprietary Rights: (from the PWLS Policies and Procedures Manual)

Section 1  The Corporation retains sole and exclusive rights to use of the name "Pop Warner" in simple or compound appearance (e.g., "Pop Warner Football") as well as all logos, emblems and other designs and styles of the Corporation, including any copyright, trademark, service mark or similar matter.  Such rights shall include use in all forms of media and are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Proprietary Rights".  The Corporation  shall vigorously protect against any infringement or other misappropriation or misuse of its Proprietary Rights.

Section 2  The Field Membership, Associations, RD's, VRD's or RCDC's shall not have the power to enter into contracts on behalf of the Corporation or bestow titles of any type upon the Field Membership and shall not infringe upon, through use or otherwise, the Proprietary Rights of the Corporation.

Section 3  Upon the request of the Executive Director, all employees, volunteers, officers, directors, and members of  committees shall, in writing, acknowledge their understanding and agreement that all information they obtain in the course of employment or service is the property of the Corporation and that it shall not be made available to any person or business without the consent of the Executive Director.


Scholar Forms

 2019 All-American Application
(includes All-American Application, Addendum & Additional Addendum)
 2019 Grading Conversion Chart
 All-American Scholar Rules & Regulations
 Scholar Program & Banquet FAQ's


Background Check Forms

 Background Check Memo (Please Read)

2019 Volunteer Application - Official Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. Volunteer Application.

 League Affadavit - Official Pop Warner Background Check League Affidavit

Association Affadavit - Official Pop Warner Background Check Association Affidavit

Disclaimer:  Pop Warner volunteers must comply with Section 1, Article 4, Proprietary Rights, of the Policies and Procedures of Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.  Any violation of Article IV, Policies and Procedures, may result in the revocation of the league charter.


Background Check Providers

Pop Warner Little Scholars & Verified Volunteers – Working Together

The Pop Warner Little Scholars and Verified Volunteers (VV) partnership assists in creating safe environments for leagues that will help to safeguard your assets, reputation, people and overall security. Verified Volunteers is tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits who serve vulnerable populations and provide high quality background screening programs, industry leading turn-around-times, competitive pricing, innovative technology and unmatched customer service.

The Pop Warner Little Scholars and Verified Volunteers partnership helps implement best practices and is taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone dedicated to Pop Warner Little Scholars. As part of this partnership, Verified Volunteers is honoring discounted partner pricing to coaches and employees. Verified Volunteers high quality background checks will help you save time, money and provide peace of mind, so you can continue to focus on making a positive impact on the lives of today’s youth.

Pop Warner & Applicant Insight – A Winning Team

In accordance with Pop Warner’s Child Protection Policy, background checks must be performed ANNUALLY prior to the start of the volunteer’s service in Pop Warner. Applicant Insight, Inc. is an official background screening provider of Pop Warner, and provides background screening services in all states delivered directly to you once your account is approved.

Option 1A $4.00: National Criminal Database Search.
Our search includes a 7-year address history of the volunteer and a National Sex Offender database search as well.  Rather than having to do two separate searches, these are grouped into one search for your convenience.  This search also includes us verifying every record that is returned on the national database search directly at the courthouse/reporting source, either in-person or via direct connection with the courthouse/reporting source.  This will eliminate the time your team must spend figuring out if the records returned belong to your volunteer or not, and will also eliminate losing out on an otherwise qualified volunteer because a record returned on them did not in fact belong to them.

Option 1B $10.00: Option 1A above plus a statewide search OR a County Courthouse search for the volunteer’s current (or longest) county of residence.  This option is especially effective for states with limited or no national database coverage*
**County Court or State Access fees are passed through to you**

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